Thinking of dumping my cable…

It started as a thought when I realized I watch a TON of TV when I’m at home. And I’m home a lot these days because of the lack of work, so I find myself getting sucked in to terrible television or laying here getting caught up on my TiVo. Last night I was going over my budget in my head and realized I could save some serious money if I get rid of Time Warner for a bit – And also really just have some peace and quiet without the TV.

I am a TOTAL TV junkie. I wake up and put it on to have noise in the background. It brings life into my other wise fairly quiet world here at home. Yet, I never really pay attention to it. Even when watching something I have saved, I find myself doing other things while it’s on, like cleaning or surfing the net, or even playing solitaire on my iPhone.

It truly gives me great fear to think of getting rid of this wonderful line of communication, but I think if I did it, even if I only do it for a few months, it would give me a different perspective. It’s like the blog I wrote for the Frederick News Post recently, where I talk about procrastination. TV is a form of that for me, so maybe right now it serves no purpose.

Well, again, this is just a thought running through my head as I try to make a decision. I’ll let ya know what happens.


2 thoughts on “Thinking of dumping my cable…

  1. I’m like you in that I like the noise and companionship of the tv. I rarely just watch tv as it seems such a waste of time. I will read, surf the net, write a blog, find some kind of mind game puzzle thing of sorts. Not sure if it’s that I really find tv that mindless or if I truly suffer from ADD. Hmm. Either way, I have an antennae since I can’t justify more channels to click through until something possibly catches my attention long enough for me to find something to do while it’s on. 🙂

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