For The Love Of Tiger….

Oh for love of Tiger!

I just woke up and I missed the speech by Tiger (I overslept!). In fact in the background on the news at this very moment they are talking about how professional the apology was, that he is “a good man, that temptation got in his way”, blah, blah, blah…Ummmm – he cheated with like eighty people. I see that as selfish, ridiculous and pathetic. Come on. (Please see my blog on respect. Obviously Tiger needs to.)

Now, on to what I did see that is making me type so furiously and feel so dirty right now is that red-headed porn star with Gloria Allred this AM. First of all, Gloria – Honey, we used to work in the same building. Shared and elevator a time or two. Get over yourself.  You’re like an ambulance chaser for the stars.

Now, to the red-headed porn star – Veronica. Look, we’ve all done crap that we look back on and groan over. The difference is that a lot of us have not had to go on the air and apologize for the acts we committed. The statement that gets me with her is that she says she was ok with the fact that she was told, by the honest Tiger, that she was the only other woman in the relationship with him besides the one he had with his WIFE.  Really? You’re totally ok with being the only mistress? She doesn’t have to be in a position of expecting constant lies and betrayal??? (This said by her lawyer!) All I can say is:  Good for you, mistress. Your parents are proud and your fake eyelashes? Atrocious. Tone it down.

Oh, Veronica’s also in a difficult economic position. Maybe she should do what I do and hover over websites everyday and look for work and hope she finds something instead of going out there and publicly announcing, “I slept with him, too!! Me too!!”. Focus those energies somewhere else. Please.

Apparently when she found out about the other 79 women he was sleeping with (the brunette, the blonde, the grandma…etc., etc.) THAT is when she got upset. Not at the fact that a man was with her  and in love with her WHILE he was married?!?!?

One thing I know for sure – And have repeatedly proven through my dating experiences – Is that the person you are dating won’t change. They just won’t. My little red-headed porn star friend, if you met him and he was cheating on his wife, you can pretty much expect that this is now your lot in this relationship. If he does leave her (amongst the paperwork, division of a freaking empire and splitting the kids) I will bet you ANY amount of money, he is going to do it to you, too.

A Tiger never changes his stripes.


6 thoughts on “For The Love Of Tiger….

  1. I totally agree with “A Tiger never changes his stripes.” But a tiger should never be expected to change his stripes either. Tiger Woods should be held responsible for his actions but we should not expect him to change. What he did wrong was to get married and have a family who he lied to, being the person he is.

  2. I had to turn off his apology. It seemed so forced and unsincere. He needs to work on his personal issues and figure out who he is and what he wants then come back and let the rest of us know. If he is a whoremonger, then he needs to own it. I can respect someone who is honest regardless of their other choices.

    As for the former porn star and Ms. Gloria, that was just so sad. She is hurt and deserves something? Really? Okay, she deserves to apologize to Tiger’s wife and kids and his mother. I know I’m getting old when I have to question what this world is coming to. 😉

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