Looking Back To The Island….

It was just a year ago that I was in the Caribbean living on an air mattress in my nephew’s living room. I shared that spot with him, and his three cats. Crowded? Ohhh, yeah! Fun? Ohhh YES!!!

Everyday I woke up and did some writing, or worked on some other project I had created, or I helped his landlord around the yard. Some days I let myself just relax and go to the beach or I sat and read by the pool. The ultimate goal everyday being to get to the point where I could go see my friends at the dive shop, maybe get out on the boat or sit and drink my cranberry and coconut rum while watching the sun go down. Ahhhh….the life! (And to think I could not wait to get off that island. Can ya tell I woke up today and I miss it? Just a wee little bit…)

I told a friend the other day that at that point in my life, there was nothing a good cranberry juice and Mailbu Rum could not fix! Tastes delicious (ask my friend Jill who visited me down there – We drank …how many that weekend?) and you feel like you might be doing something good for your body since it has “juice” in it. Oh the lies we tell ourselves….

Today, I am sitting in my living room in LA, bundled up in my sweats and wearing my Uggs, sending out resumes and writing more and more! I could not be happier – Why? Well, that time I took last year to truly take care of ME has made me appreciate what I have in my life now, those  folks that I have surrounded myself with and that time also made me realize that drama and our thoughts are just that – drama and thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less. All we really have to do is be ourselves and get up everyday and do the best we can!

Of course at the end of the day if you want to have a cranberry and coconut beverage, go ahead! Just make sure that you are enjoying the sunset, as well as all of the steps it took you to get there during your day. It really is all about the journey. Cool, huh?


3 thoughts on “Looking Back To The Island….

  1. I’m so glad you miss that island now! It was a wonderful time in your life and I had so much fun sharing it with you even if it was for just a few days… I’ll never forget getting off the plane and seeing Crabby at the airport… He was slumped over on the curb, smoking a ciggy and (I think) drinking a beer!

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