Inside Or Out?

I’ve been trying to get my energy up the last few days to write! Man, it’s gorgeous out and life is grand, but my attention is drawn to so many other things right now – Like my damn to-do list that needs attention, the job search, time with friends and not to mention time my TiVo!

I have to say that I, for one, am kinda glad the Olympics is over. It’s not that I’m a bad American, I just like to check out at night by watching my “stories” as they called ‘em in the old days. I want to turn on “Gossip Girl” or “Ugly Betty” and mentally take a time out.  I honestly need to have that time at night when I can immerse myself in some “NCIS” or  “The Mentalist”. It’s just my thing.

I learned at young age that it is truly better to go out side and play than it is to stay stuck indoors with the television. Of course, the one memory I have of playing outside that makes me cringe to this day is when I was playing in my sand box and kept finding sticky dark treats that I made “mudpies” out of. Turned out, our outdoor cats were using my sandbox as their “litterbox”…See where I’m going with this? Indoors became safer.

Inside there were Barbie’s, cookies, Atari and Star Wars figures. I also had casettes that I liked to listen to, because I taped (audio cassettes, mind you) shows like “The Dukes of Hazzard” so I could re-listen to it while I played with my matchbox cars. (Look, I lived in the country. I had to amuse myself.). Somedays, my Dad would surprise me and bring me home the newest “Archie” or “Betty and Veronica” comic books….Oh man, those days? They were the best!

So, I’m going to lay here and curl up to watch some television or maybe venture out to rent a movie. Either way, it’s fun indoors with the sunlight streaming in through the windows. Pass me a Girl Scout Cookie and hand me my old comic. I’m in for the day.

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