My Love Affair With Charitable Giving (or why do the homeless hate me?)

I like to think I’m a charitable gal. In fact, I know that I am. I’m involved with lots of causes like Lupus LA, Red Cross and SPCA to name a few. I’ve also dated a few charity cases BUT, the point of this is the fact that I can’t catch a break when it comes to giving to someone that’s homeless or in “need”.

Yesterday while having coffee with a friend, a guy hit me up for some money by asking, “Can you please spare some change, I need to take the bus home”. My friend and I both said no – because we honestly didn’t have any change floating around our pockets at the time. Well, that wasn’t enough, and the guy approached our table again. I looked at him and spoke the truth, hoping he would see my side of the story. I said,” I’m on unemployment myself.”

His reply as he walked away, “Why are you sitting here when you could go out and get one?” I think there was also a “bitch” thrown in there, but not sure, because I was too busy trying to not laugh my ass off and look like a rude bitch by doing so.

This seems to happen to me a lot. I go to someone on the street to “give” and they throw it back at me. Oh yes, there’s more…

Another time, I was walking in West Hollywood – with the same friend funny enough – and had just had dinner. I had the server at our favorite Mexican place pack up my leftovers, like a good disciple of Weight Watchers, and we went on our way down the boulevard.

There was a homeless begging for change on the corner, and as we walked past I told him “Sorry, I don’t have any money, but hey…I do have my leftovers. Would you like them?” Now, I’ve heard form a lot of people that it is best to offer to buy someone that is panhandling food or to go get him or her something instead of handing over cash. Ok, I get it. Here is where I give this theory a test run.

The sweet man looked at me and smiled and accepted my offering happily, until he opened the Styrofoam take-out container. As the lid fell back, he rolled his eyes, scowled and shoved the food back at me in a grand gesture. “I don’t eat shrimp”, he said with mild disgust.

Side note: Not to be an a- hole, but I don’t like rye bread, corned beef, Swiss cheese OR 1000 Island dressing. Yet one St. Patrick’s Day when I was waiting tables at an Irish pub (Shout out to Donnelly’s in days of yore in Frederick, MD.!!), I found myself eating one because I was so flipping hungry and could not stop working long enough to eat something I could order myself.

I will continue to give – Obviously! – Even though it seems that the universe conspires against me in this arena. Oh well. It just makes me laugh.

One thought on “My Love Affair With Charitable Giving (or why do the homeless hate me?)

  1. people are incredulous when it come to compromise. Its like there is no personal cost analysis going on at any level.

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