Radio Show Time AND The Family’s In Town, So….

I have attempted a time or two to sit and write, but I come from a family of no boundaries, that has invaded my little one bedroom. I love them, but they love to use their cell phones as they sit in the same room while I write and talk as loud as they can. 🙂

(I say this with love – I have also been so freaking busy working on my documentary and looking for work it has hardly left time for sleep!)

Once I find a place to quietly sit and get my thoughts out to share, I will be able to add my posts. I’m sure many people can relate with me, as we all have people in our lives we love and are so happy to spend time with but we also have our routines shaken slightly and it really makes us skip a beat two. It’s my own fault, as I was trying to find time last week to write a few blogs out and then post them as they were here visiting, and I pulled my own version of “Epic Fail”. Lesson learned: Prepare BETTER, Anne!!!

There will also be a link soon to my new radio show,“One Night Stand”, that I am lucky enough to get to do with the fabulous Marcia Miller!!  We are taping it tonight for the first time!! I’m excited to share this with all of you as we begin this newest journey…Wow. Crazy, man…Crazy!!

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day – Don’t puke green tomorrow!!


2 thoughts on “Radio Show Time AND The Family’s In Town, So….

  1. Super phat on the radio show, let me know if I can stream it.

    I always liked to go somewhere and write. Like it was a planned event and I had to produce words cause that was the whole point of going to that place. I don’t know. Just throwin out some ideas that I still use today, although I don’t write with the fever I used to. Once I get this cafe under control, maybe we will see the poet in me come out again….

    • You’re totally right – I like doing that as well, but there s something so comfy about crawling out of bed and grabbing coffee and my computer, then parking my butt on the couch!

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