Vegas! (And a Hilton)

There is nothing like a bachelorette party to bring out the fun and freaky in all of us – Me included! I just got back from a trip to Vegas over the weekend where mutual friends that are getting married decided to do a bachelor/bachelorette party in the relaxing land of Las Vegas. Thank goodness I cam back soooo rested and not sick at all (listen close and hear that said with slight sarcasm!)

It’s nice to see friends so happy and to see everyone around to support a “merging of worlds” if you will – Or maybe we all just wanted to show up to get loaded and not act like our usual responsible selves. Who knows? All I know is that at 4 AM when I was told it was time to go back to the hotel from the club where we were staying, I was kind of disappointed.

I’ve been to some great clubs and had some great nights – ESPECIALLY in Vegas!! – But this one was different. First of all, I hardly drank (I used to have to make A LOT of apology calls when I left Vegas to friends because of how much “fun” I had). I was on such sensory overload all I could do was sip my juice concoction with a splash of vodka and watch all the people. Lights were flashing, confetti was flying, it was loud (Maybe this is what a seizure is like). My head was turning and twisting every which way to follow all the people flooding in and out of Tao (that’s where we were, at the Venetian – GO THERE!! You’ll love it).

I met a few people that night, too. I would just start talking to random folks, (all a part of my “need to flirt more” kick I’m on). The funny thing, at least to me, was that they all were from Maryland somehow. Seriously. One guy even jokingly guessed what high school I went to, and was right! Now I’m wondering if I have an accent?

Side note: Paris Hilton was there and friends of ours at the same pool where she was “hanging” (AKA – getting paid to make an appearance) were floored that she was out with friends, loading up Super Soaker Water Guns to squirt each other. Best part? They were filled with Cristal Champagne. Feel a little like, ill? Yeah, me too….and I live in LA. You think I’d be used to hearing about this kind of weirdness, but that really made me shake my head.

All in all, the weekend was amazing! Our Bride-To-Be had the time of her life and all of us in tow had fun while we made sure she had a good time. Shots were tossed back, drinks DID flow and there were a lot of fun little stories that happened. But, what happens in Vegas…


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