New column coming and more updates!!

In my irritation with the way people view committment and marriage, I have been soliciting ideas from readers for their thoughts in regards to cheating and open marriage.

I am currently working on this new column, but if you have an opinion, I REALLY want to hear it. It may not make the column deadline, but I will use it. I REALLY WILL!! The response has beenoverwhleming and I love seeing all of your thoughts. And I cannot WAIT to share my own 🙂

Don’t forget, you can follow me on twitter @AnneInProgress. I try to hit that a few times a day when I am running around and I love re-tweeting my friends posts or other peoples tips – Such a better networking tool that anything else I’ve seen in awhile.

I still need to fill you guys in on the radioshow I’m doing once a month called “One Night Stand”. I’ll be adding a link to the last two shows we recorded so you can get caught up. I was hesitant at first to put a link, because my voice annoys me. But doesn’t everyone feel that?

In the last show my co-host, Marcia, decided we should reveiw a few online dating sites for YOU! We’ll be breaking it down at the end of the month, starting with free websites and then working our way into paid. I’m also dying to try speed dating, only because I think it would be funny. My humor is twisted, so we’ll seee how funny I think it isn the end, huh?

Have a great day!!

One thought on “New column coming and more updates!!

  1. I would enjoy reading articulate, rationally-presented discussions of “open” relationships. If you have not yet become acquainted with it, I suggest looking into the concept and growing community called “polyamory”.

    My opinion, briefly stated, is the linking concept and source of conflict between commitment and marriage, fidelity and cheating: That sex, sexual contact or some similar behavior is tantamount to ownership. It is at the heart of feminism (as it originally developed), with statements like “It is my body and I, not you, not patriarchal society, get to make the decisions about it.” It does — or should — work both ways. In open relationships, and at the heart of polyamory, is replacing ownership with mutual consent. Sex becomes a way to express love and affection, not an implied promise.

    Franklin Evans

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