Tuesdays Are Awesome….

Sundays are my favorite day, they are quiet and slow, fun and lazy. Mondays always make me feel productive and Thursdays have always been good TV. I was born on a Friday, so of course that day rocks and Wednesdays – hello HUMP day (insert frat boy laugh here).

As of today, though, Tuesday, well I’ve gained a new respect. Especially when one finds themselves suddenly unemployed 🙂

In order to protect “the innocent” aka the former bosses, I won’t go into detail. Let’s just say that for once, I saw the red flags waving, didn’t ignore the signs and listened to my gut. A way out was presented, and I am taking a leap of faith, yo.

One thing I learned last year when I was laid off and traveling is that I defined myself by my work sometimes and could get caught up in a whirlwind of “other people’s business”, so I could not take care of my own projects.  I always seemed to be working my ass off for someone else and not really feeling truly happy. I know now, I not only need to be happy, but I get the choice of it. I plan to concentrate on my damn self for a bit and take a break from catering to the needs of other people. It seems to be my pattern – blech!

I think we all do it in some way, we put others first instead of loving ourselves.I know I’ve done it in relationships and work relationships as well. If we make a choice to go in the direction that makes our heart AND souls happy, nothing will ever compare to that feeling. But we have to jump – take the leap. Do you know what’s going to happen if you do take a giant leap of faith? Nope. Nothing can be predicted – Nothing. Thank God.

You learn lessons everyday, even if you don’t realize it. Personally, I like the ones that slap us in the face – The good thing is that this particular lesson had a glove on, cause it only stung for a second.

And the signs – I have always believed in them, but in a 4 day period I never had so many thrown in my face. Whatever comes next, I’m ready.


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