Why Bother Monogramming?

I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day shopping for a doormat, since mine is falling apart from all of the rain Southern California has experienced the last few months. I found a few that I liked, but one in particular stood out. Not because it looked nice or was pricey, but becuase of what I decided it was for.

It’s a monogrammed doormat, you know the one where you could get a little combo of letters and put them together for your last name and the last name of the one you are cohabitating with (or married to…). The best part? It switches out. It’s an interchangeable monogrammed doormat…Ummmm, WHAT?!?!?!

Yes, you can change out the letters depending on the last name, or at least that’s what I thought. So, you break up/divorce – The other person’s initial is pulled out and it reverts to the new owners original last name. Ta Da!

Does my perspective sound pessimistic? Well, it’s not intended to. As someone who has attended numerous weddings over the years, I learned the hard way not to ever buy the couple to be anything monogrammed. Not because I don’t believe in love or that they could truly be a “forever” couple, but damn – I have dropped some serious “ching” to get some nice cups, glasses, towels, etc. monogrammed and then to find out about an impending divorce in a little under two years. I at least want to get them something that one of them can take with them to use again later! Sheesh!

So, what have we learned today?

1. Don’t monogram any presents for weddings. It’s a kiss of death.

2. Think twice before getting anyone the interchangeable monogrammed doormat at Bed Bath and Beyond – If it was for me and my husband to be, I’d be pissed.

3. I’m not negative – I’m practical.

Happy Thursday!

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