Is It Truth?

I just finished watching Jesse James on Nightline. Not sure how to take Mr. James and his excuses, but one thing I did find interesting was that he brought up self-sabotage. That’s something I totally believe in, as I’ve done it myself in the past. And, in my experience, I’ve dated quite a few men that were pre-disposed to self-sabotage as well.

Jesse claims that because of an abusive childhood that he is prone to self-sabotage, so he felt he was not good enough to be with “America’s Sweetheart”. I know I used this same reference before in my Open Marriage column, but hello Commitment Cop Out. Maybe I’m just old – fashioned, but I wish Jesse would have just talked to his wife (or a therapist) instead of cheating on her and going behind her back. Or, maybe he could have discussed an open marriage with her and they could have gone from there. Either way, seeing the “shout -out’s” she gave him when she was accepting various awards and knowing what was going on behind those eyes of his? Makes me a little sick to the stomach.

Self-sabotage is something that anyone can deal with and move through – You have to want to. And know that you’re doing it. That’s just my opinion though…Please, feel free to prove me wrong.

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