Happy Memorial Day (aka Wedding Weekend 2010)!

My friends, Adam and Laurie, are getting married this weekend. Tonight, I had the honor of attending their rehearsal dinner and getting to listen in to all of  the fun things that so many people were saying about them. Time after time, friend after friend, the one thing that resonated was how good, kind and generous both are and that they had found their match in each other. Being friends with both of them, I gotta say…It’s true!

I love weddings – A few months ago other close friends of mine, Paulie and Yanaika, got married in Panama (and yes, I sooo went!). There is nothing more moving and just downright cool than watching your friends take  their vows. It also makes me feel special, getting to be a part of something so big with my friends. There is also not enough waterproof mascara in the world…I already found myself dabbing away tears tonight, I know I will be a bit of a mess tomorrow. Why? Because I love it when others find happiness.

I feel like I’m sitting on my lucky cloud again today, knowing that when I wake up I get to be a part of yet another of my good friends next big step forward in their lives. It truly makes me swell up inside with happiness, getting all tingly and silly. The beauty of a bride, the sweetness of the walk she takes with her father, the look the bride and the groom share as she makes her way down, the flowers, the food…I could go on and on. I LOVE love – I just do!

And I love that I get to have a full dose of it tomorrow!

On that note, have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I hope it is full of everything you NEED it to be 🙂


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