Taking the High Road – Why?

It’s no secret I admire the spirit and strength of Sandra Bullock. Watching her on the MTV Movie Awards the other night, there was one sentence she said that made me smile and realize she’s on to something!

And I quote,” Whoever said it was best to take the high road should be fired.” I like that. Why do we always have to take the stinking high road?

I can hear my Mom now, in my ear, reminding me to be gracious and to “show I raised you well,  you should take  this path”. Ppffttt!!!!  This path, the road they call “high”. I think the person that said it was high themselves at the time and should have shut up and had a cup of coffee.

If I listed all the times I took the “high road”, well it’s too many to list here. Not to mention, the fact that I remember most of them makes me look like a big jerk for holding on to the memories all this time. That I didn’t just “let them go”. Well, I’m not a monk, I’m a girl that has dealt with some crap through the years and has always been the one that people have looked to and said, ” You handled that well.” Actually, sometimes, I handle things well when I step out of my apartment, and these folks never get to see the way I handle them when the door is closed. 😉

To those of you that have people out there that YOU had to take the high road with, I’d be interested in hearing how you did it. It will be kept confidential, I just know that we all do it everyday and there are somedays we have our own little fantasy moments to have a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”-like freak out. I KNOW I do!!

So, email me at anneinprogress@me.com and let me know YOUR HIGH ROAD STORY!! I’d love to be able to post a few I really enjoy here, with your permission of course! Let’s get them in by Thursday June 10th at 11 PM Eastern, ok?

It’s life – and we’re all in it together. I’m gonna go put on my hiking shoes now. More roads to walk…

2 thoughts on “Taking the High Road – Why?

  1. Gosh, so agree with you. We have the right not to take the high road. There’s no point in sacrificing our feelings for other who don’t even care. I feel really sorry for Sandra. Hope she can get thorugh this very well.

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