Time Management. There I said it…

I need help. I really truly do.

I, Anne Kemp, the ultimate organizer and planner, is in need of someone to come assist me. I have organized the crap-oh-la out of many folks, to the point that I hear from them that they are over-organized (personally never thought that could be an issue). Yet, I cannot get my own act together to save my life.

Apparently this is a common illness among other uber-organized folks as well – We’ve been so thorough and put together for our “jobby-jobs” that we get paid the bucks for, that when we come home, we’re done. And I mean DONE. Juggling my writing, the freelance writing aspect of my career, my column and blog, the production company we are in the throes of…well, it’s all a wee bit daunting. And I still want to be a good friend and have time to go “duh” when needed. Plus there’s sleeping, exercising and eating (in order of importance).

In the past, it’s been at the point I would come home  and just stare at the wall, the dishes and the stack of bills I needed to pay and not know where to go with it all. I just could not figure out where to start! I eventually would, but no with the same “vigor” I would attack projects for clients or my bosses. It’s not that bad anymore, but now that I am totally freelancing my writing all by my big girl self, it’s a whole new set of responsibility. I have learned that I don’t have to answer my phone just because a friend is calling, and I can’t say yes to everything because I “have time”. Oh no…I really don’t have the time, because I need to be working.

I’m actually going to have to get up earlier than I thought in order to get my work-that-pays-my-bills done and also be able to concentrate on other projects (like my book!) and have a life. I guess it all feels weird because it’s like I’m an adult. Again-ish. Or maybe this is what people feel like when they have kids, this sudden wave of overwhelming responsibility. Knowing it’s all totally up to me and if I fall on my face at this point…I only have the chick in the mirror to blame.

So, my first step to claim back my “time” is to get up tomorrow at 6 AM, and by 6:30, I will be writing my fingers off. And I will plug away and work hard, as much as I don’t want to. Not trying to whine, just trying to understand when the growing up part had to start happening. I moved to LA to stay immature forever 🙂

Anyone out there have any time management suggestions they wanna share? I’ll take them!

5 thoughts on “Time Management. There I said it…

  1. I told myself to wake up early every morning like 7am and always end up waking up late around 8am or 9am. Just like you there are so many things to juggle in one day. I can’t imagine if I have kids and have to squeeze in even more chores in my life. For now, the best solution to save some time is to force myself to wake up as soon as possible and clear up all household chores quickly like laundry so I can have more time for work-that-pays-the-bill.

  2. Ha! My typical day goes like so: alarm at 5:40am. Up and at em and in the cafe making dough by 6. by 7:10 leaving cafe to go home shower and be at work by 8. work til 12. eat lunch, fight sleep. continue to pound the insurance monkey till 5, go home change, leave and close down cafe(some nights I stay home with daughter). Home by 7:30 or 8, maybe. bath the kid, and maybe watch 37 minutes of something. Crash into pillow with blazing speed. Try to squeeze in quality time with wife. I never drank coffee before I was 30. Can’t live with out it now. Coffee and Green tea are my time management.

  3. I just need to get up when the alarm goes off now. Son of a!! I think I need to just say “Ok, MONDAY, I know it is a holiday for many…but this week Anne is going to get up and bust her butt.” Then I’ll see what Monday says back. Hopefully he says “sleep in!” HAHAHAHAHAHA

    And I need to go buy more coffee. Oh, and I should be working right now – wrote one article this AM – and I can’t turn off “House” for some reason! UGH!!!! I need to do like nine more and I am so unmotivated!!!

  4. One of the best feelings for me is waking up without the aid of an alarm.. which requires going to bed at a somewhat decent time but if an alarm is necessary (as a back up so you don’t sleep til noon) may it be to some sort of 80s yippy dippy music. I work 9 to 5 (okay, it usually turns out to be 10 to whenever) so I envy the ability to do this regularly..
    I guess all I can say is if you don’t get it all done in one shot don’t beat yourself up too badly. You can only 1 thing done at a time so whatever you can get done is progress towards your goal. A mountain is overwhelming, but 1 project… yeah, I can do that.. then think about that next one. I like to get the stuff done I hate first, before I wake up fully and realize what I am doing. Best of luck.. I hope you persevere!
    By the way… loving the House marathons lately myself 😉

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