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Another Socialite Down…Again!

Yet another socialite has been arrested. I’m sorry, but BFD – big fat deal, to some. But to others, you know what I mean.  Paris Hilton’s ‘caravan’ stopped on the Vegas Strip because there was a smell of pot drifting from her car. Then the coke came out when she went for her chapstick. Unreal.

My favorite excuse is that she is saying the purse wasn’t hers. Another one is that she thought it was gum. Paris, my dear, I may be ignorant here, but even in the movies or on TV it looks like flour. Your best defense would have been that you were “baking a cake”. It looks nothing like gum. We all know you aren’t that innocent. Wasn’t it just earlier this year that South Africa dropped your ‘Mary Jane’ charges?

Don’t even get me started on Lindsay Lohan. Coming out of rehab after all of her issues and she blames her Dad (yes, we all blame our parents at some point don’t we?) and she also blames the Britney Spears of the world and the tabloids for making her want to be like them. LL, remember when you and Brit-Brit hung out? I don’t think there is that much of an age gap for you to be “looking up” to her, unless she was handing you a mirror or a joint while you were sitting the floor and she was standing above you.

Look, we all screw up. No one is perfect. I’ve said it, and it’s an old adage, but “to err is human”. We all mess up at some point. I got a DUI in California nine years ago. It changed the way I look at drinking and driving, and it taught me about making better decisions. I realized I wasn’t a drunk; I was just making some bad decisions.

I’ve screwed up more times than I can keep track of. I’m sure in Frederick there are people that remember me as a slight train wreck for a period in my early twenties. I don’t deny it, I was. I made some mistakes and now I try to make everyday count. Whatever. As long as I’m happy, and I know my family members can look “up” to me (whatever the definition of that is), I’m okay with it.

Taking responsibility is the thing here. When I was driving drunk, I didn’t blame it on anything. I took it head on and dealt with what I needed to and took my punishment like a man (woman, girl, again, whatever). I couldn’t blame anyone else for my mistake. That’s what it was. Mine. My mistake.

Paris, it’s ok. Take the heat for this and stand up to the charges so we can stop making fun of you. And Lindsay, for goodness sake girl, get it together. You were always a rocking actress and I hate that people laugh at you or shake their heads when your name is mentioned. Don’t become another statistic for “young Hollywood stars: where are they now” moment. Or a picture in the “in memorial” montage at an awards show.

People do look up to you because the tabloids love you. Own up to your issues and get over it. Hell, most of America will be over it soon. We do love a good scandal, don’t we?