Enjoy the Silence…

It is so quiet at my house this morning. I’m still in bed, the dog’s asleep at the end and one of the cats has snuggled in next to me. I wish I could say that I was in bed because I WANT to be…no, not the case. I’m here because the doctor has asked me to take bed rest. You see, apparently I am fighting off pnuemonia. Nice, huh?

When I say it’s quiet – well except for my hacking – it’s because last week I FIRED Time Warner. Yes. I did. I had a lot of reasons for this, one of them being I am addicted to television. I know I am, I always have been. It’s my escape. Now that I mostly work from home, it’s not a good addiction to feed. Instead of doing things I should be focusing on, I would watch another episode of “Charmed” or “90210”. Yes, I did just say those out loud. So what? Back off, ok? I’m fighting pnuemonia.

Now, being sick, I find that I miss the lull of the TV in the background, droning on but giving me company. You see, I had planned a very busy week for myself so I could not be around my “addictive” living room. Now, I am faced head-on with my decision and instead of being out of the house, flitting through life and not having to flip through channels, I am here realizing how much weight I put on having cable. Dumb huh?

A lot of this could be the meds or the sickness talking – eh. Who knows? I have some rented DVD’s for when I absolutely need to watch something. I also have the power of internet and Hulu! Yay for 2010 🙂

Most of all, I’m looking forward to just having quiet time. Maybe I’m Bohemian? Or brilliant? Hmmm…you decide 😉


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