Making a list & checking it twice…

I’m making a list, and checking twice…oh, let’s be honest. I’m going to check it probably thirty times. I’m that neurotic! 😉

One of my close friends asked if I’d put together a list of places to meet other singles like herself. I rattled off the usual: “Bar!” and she shook her head – can’t blame her there. “Online dating?” I queried? She then reminded me of the wonderful dates I had recently, where I was paired up with some ridiculous guys thanks to an online website. I nodded my head and said I’d get to work.

Here’s what I have so far, and if you feel you can add to it, I’d love it:

1. Join a charity and volunteer. Easy as stalking someone you admire and finding out where they volunteer. Or just pick something you want to give back to. Both work.

2. Grocery store. I know I can barely push that damn cart sometimes. Maybe you can “run” into someone you think is hot? Just don’t cause bodily harm. Lawsuits are NOT a good way to begin a relationship.

3. Meet-up’s – there’s a website dedicated to these. See if there are any in your area you want to check out, like a running group or hiking. You never know. – I don’t recommend anything like a bank robber meet-up though…Unless you’re into that.

4. Years ago, I had a DUI here in California and I was asked by the court to attend AA meetings. I did meet a nice guy there, and we dated for a few months (I’ll save that one for another time). I’m not saying go to these meetings and scope someone out if you DON’T have to or don’t have a problem. Just wanted you to see that sometimes we need to think outside the box…

5. On that note, when I read this to my cousin, he chimed in with “church”. That’s where he met his new GF and they are really super happy!

6. Is there a convention in town? Stip naked and run through it. No? Hmmm….back to the drawing board.

See? I need help! Please, please email me at with any thoughts or suggestions!
The best suggestion gets a prize! For real! I’m gonna dig up a fun prize from my goodie bag and ship out to the best one I get! So include your mailing address for me as well n the email, ok?

Get to crackin’! This elf needs help.


2 thoughts on “Making a list & checking it twice…

  1. I think you should have friends that are trustworthy bring people to a Christmas Eve Party and introduce you to them. Or you could call Sam.
    Pam Grimes, A loyal reader and fan

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