Proof that men really DO LOVE a good Chick-Lit book!!!

I found this great article on a group of guys that began reading Chick Lit when one of their friends proposed to his lady…Take a read! It’s a good way to end the weekend: With a smile!




The “Do-It-Your-Damn-Self” Series (or why some folks get paid to do these things)

Is anyone else feeling your wallets tightening up post-holiday? Yeah, me too! Every year, I begin the holidays completely budgeted and armed with a plan. A plan that goes haywire financially because I get too excited when buying presents for others.

When I need to cut back on my finances, I always look at my “extras” – you know, the stuff we ladies like; manicures/pedicures, haircuts and color, tanning (I totally use a self-tanner!), eyebrows and eyelashes…Seriously. I could throw waxing in there, but since this is going to be a series of posts on “do it yourself” and I HATE pain, we won’t have that one. No, no, no. Some things should ALWAYS have a professional leading the charge.

On that note, I want to introduce to you the series of do-it-yourself advice I wanted to share with you through my lessons. Not only will I be touching on all the girly fun-time rituals as mentioned above, but I may even throw waxing in there, just to say I did it!

Check back on Wednesday as I begin the journey – I’ve managed to also convince a friend or two to help me with this, since I can’t be the only one making an ass out of myself. I like it if we “ass-up” in a group (that’s a cool term, right?).

Wednesday you’ll learn all about eyelash extensions and what happened recently when I decided to do them myself: I couldn’t stand the thought of paying $350 for them (I mean, really? A car payment?). So I trotted to my local drugstore and grabbed some Ardell eyelashes. And oh…it will just get better from here…

I just ask a favor as you read these posts: Don’t judge.