Peaceful Sleep…

I was given a bottle of Peaceful Sleep to experiment with from a friend. The bottle holds an elixir, promises of a restful sleep and dreams filled with cotton candy… Well, maybe they don’t  promise cotton candy. I’m going a bit overboard there.

Peaceful Sleep is a new product that claims to help with sleep disorders, like insomnia. You are given a bottle of tonic to drink before bed, filled to the brim with ingredients which have been proven to help promote sleep. Ingredients like Valerian root, Lavendar, Melatonin…you get the idea.

My take? Well, the label claims that you need 7 hours set aside to get the full benefits. Thanks to other reasons, I was only able to enjoy about 6 hours of sleep on my sleepytime-Peaceful Sleep drink. Waking up this morning, I feel the same as I usually do except I do think I might have slept through the night. Not sure, so I guess that’s a good sign?

Could be a good alternative to try Peaceful Sleep if you are done with sleeping pills, the “PM” formulas or have issues at night. Anything is worth a shot, right? It’s filled with all natural ingredients so why not?


My Opinion Wednesday (aka MOW)

That’s right – my opinion of something. I’m gonna let you know exactly what I think about books, movies, TV shows, a new product…People are giving me things to review and try, so I’m up for the challenge!

First up to be reviewed tomorrow? A sleepytime drink that was delivered to my doorstep. Not alcohol, but healthy. More on this tomorrow after I read my info and try it tonight. Let’s just say it could be the key to me getting a good dose of sleep for once!

BTW: Happy Sleep Awareness Week – Ironic it’s right before we “spring” ahead with a time change….