F*%k-Yeah Friday: What is Success?

I know..it’s Friday. And guess what? It’s time for MY opinion!! This week, for my first official “F*%k-Yeah Friday”,  I have a question for you…What is success?

I know, broad question, huh? Some folks define it through money, objects, trinkets and other “things”. Others will tell you that success is when they can get out of bed in the morning and make their own meal because they are so ill.  Success is subjective, it’s not something we can define as a  “get there moment”. ..Success is what matters to us – to you – at the time it’s experienced. Success is on our terms.

My personal successes have ranged from buying my first car (on my own) to landing a part a I really wanted to receiving a rejection for my book. Stop gasping. Yes..I can view rejection as success – it has taken me years to see that and LOTS of fabulous therapy, but I can.

With rejection comes the lesson…for me it was getting past the “no” part of the email or letter and then reading the other things the rejecter had to say. Sometimes people don’t want to reject something as much as we don’t want it to be rejected. And guess what? IT TOTALLY IS NOT PERSONAL! (soak this in…ok?) I know right? I feel like my eyes opened and I’m seeing the world from a different angle. It’s taken me a loooong-ass time to get that you can’t take the BS personally.

So tell me…How do you define success?

Have a good weekend you guys – look forward to hearing some answers 😉


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