Book Giveaway!

I’m giving something away!

Don’t look away from the page…I really am. It’s burning a hole in the envelope I have it waiting in just for you! And it’s fun, especially if you’re an animal lover like I am.

I have a book that I must send you called “A FAMOUS DOG’S LIFE: The Story of Gidget, America’s Most Beloved Chihuahua.” As a dog owner and pet lover, this story really got me…yep. Move over Marley and Me!

Remember the sweet little doggers from the Taco Bell commercials? Maybe you saw Gidget when she co-starred along Reese Witherspoon in the Legally Blond films? That’s her!

Sue Chipperton, who was her trainer, joined forces with Rennie Dyball, a writer for People magazine to pen this heartwarming tale. Trust me…it grabs your heart and doesn’t let go until the last page is turned.

The stories shared in this book made me smile and giggle the whole time I read it. This book held me as a captive audience from tales recounted of Gidget on set, Rydell’s memories of their time together and the sneak peek we are offered into the world of animal training. My only regret? I didn’t save it as a beach or poolside read!

That’s why I’m reaching out to all of you guys and asking you to do something super easy. Just email me. Seriously, that easy! If you feel like telling me about yourself or an animal you love and sending a picture, it would be welcomed! But if you are low on time and need to get out the door….just email me at

Then wait for me to let you all know who gets this book about one of the cutest celebrity pooches from Tinseltown!