Gluten Free Thanksgiving? You Betcha!

It’s been a productive few weeks as I’ve been prepping a gluten-free menu to follow through the holidays. I’ve been posting my recipes on the Frederick News-Post website, but wanted to share the goodies here with you as well!

I got started on my plan the end of October – being gluten-free, this is the best course for action. Sometimes you can’t always find what you need in the “regular” grocery store, and no one wants to be on a mad hunt for a needed ingredient a few days before the holiday, right?

So get to stepping and let’s start preppin’!

(Yes, I went there…)

Going gluten-free was not a choice for me, but we’ll get into that later 😉 Right now I want to share with you the best Thanksgiving menu that will knock out taste-buds and excite family members, just like mine were as I ran these test on them – yes, family makes the best taste-testers! Especially the hungry college-types that HAVE to eat. They are a captive audience…

The main dish, the turkey, is a naturally gluten-free guy. Yet sometimes companies will sneak in an ingredient or two that might borderline gluten. Always check HERE to see if you’re turkey is a-ok.

Gravy: This recipe will insure a gluten-free sauce for all of your pouring needs this season!

Mashed Potatoes: These guys are always gluten-free when you make them! Add a little milk and butter (if you are not dairy-free) and throw in some roasted garlic and cheese (my mouth. it’s watering!) and you have the best side dish ever! Well, besides my next recipe…

This dish is my masterpiece this year: The Gluten Free Green Bean Casserole. There were three of us here when it was made and it was devoured in less than 15 minutes. You heard me. Try this dish and tell me your thoughts. It is bound to be a favorite at your T-Day meal!

Start here with your basics, then check back Friday for these last few recipes:

  • Homemade applesauce in less than ten minutes – YOU HEARD ME!!!
  • Foccacia Bread – Yes, GLUTEN FREE AND AMAZING!!
  • My surprise dessert suggestion – It’s a surprise cause I’m still deciding what to make
As always, please send any questions in and I’ll be glad to help out…Now, go get some shopping done!

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