Okay, everyone – I know you’ve been waiting. Thank you for your patience! We just pulled the winner out and I’d love to congratulate GRACE MANZANO on her win for the KINDLE!! Enjoy – it’s going to come loaded with not only a copy of ALL FRUITS RIPE, but with an advanced copy of RUM PUNCH REGRETS as well!!! Yay Grace!

And for everyone else who entered, thank you so  much for playing this fun game. After thinking it over, I’ve decided to do not only another contest, because it’s jut fun to do, but another TWO! WHat do you think of that?

I’ll be making the announcement of what the first fun game and giveaway is going to be this coming Wednesday, April 25th. Why this day in particular, you ask? Because it’s one month away from the release of my first full length novel RUM PUNCH REGRETS!!

You are all wonderful, supportive and generous – If you can, please let me know how you liked the novella 🙂 I’m excited it’s out there!

Thank you again TO EVERYONE!!



2 thoughts on “KINDLE WINNER!!!

  1. Congratulations Grace! I’m extremely jealous of course xD but I hope you love your new Kindle. My mom has one and she adores it. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity Anne, and for introducing me to your work. Looking forward to your next contest.

    Also please tell me I was right that Giles was inspired by Buffy, or I will feel like a total dolt in my previous email/comments to you.

    Take care and thanks again!

  2. Thank you Anne! I loved entering your fun contest and really enjoyed reading your book 🙂 cannot wait for your next book!!!!

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