Cinco de…Uh-oh!

My mouth waters as I write this…

Living in Southern California afforded me the chance to not only indulge in your typical homemade Mexican fare on a daily basis, but also to learn how to make it. From salsa to guacamole to refried beans..I learned how to whip up a Mexican Feast in no time flat. Sauces? A cinch. Rolling taquitos or burritos? No problem! Making tortillas from scratch?

Making tortillas from….SCRATCH? HUH?

That WAS my attitude – past tense! Now, I’m proud to say no longer a tortilla-making novice. Not at all! The Kiwi BF and I have been so into making our favorite Mexi-Cali dishes, that we grabbed Tio Pablo’s Instant Corn Masa Mix (ok, not quite from scratch, but close enough!).

We wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, except I wanted to make the tortilla’s from this mix for the authentic vibe we were aiming for with the meal. We rounded out our tortilla making kit with a press and I was good to go.

photo 2

This is my new boyfriend…Don’t tell my current one!

This was so easy…as in, ridiculously easy! The mix, which is gluten free, makes life simple: You mix 2 cups of the Corn Masa with one cup of water, mixing the ingredients until they form a firm ball. Separate into 12 smaller balls then …press away!

photo 1

So..the beans aren’t quite homemade…This time! They are gluten free, though 🙂

Pressing tip: Use parchment paper on both sides of the dough, and press. This helps keep the tortilas from sticking and makes clean up a lot easier. Lift the press and move the tortilla a quarter turn and press again, repeating these steps a few times to get the tortilla just thin enough, but not too much!

photo 3

Seriously, everyone needs a tortilla press!


The batch we made gave us 12 tortillas – add some grilled chicken, roasted onions and red peppers, homemade (for real!) guacamole and salsa and you get a perfect Cinco De Mayo – or anytime – meal. The tortillas we made came out soft and pliable, delicious and fresh!

Once you have food this fresh, there is no return 😉

Are you a fan of Mexican food? Share your fave dishes in the comments below..we love hearing what you think 🙂




Do you, Twitter, take #AmazonCart to be your bride? YES, PLEASE!

If you know me, you know I love, LOVE  Twitter! I also really love Amazon…Really, really love it. Easy for sending a gift, seamless when buying – It’s my go-to for online shopping.

Now, you can imagine my thrill waking up in a world where #AmazonCart now exists!! #MORETHANYOUKNOW

That’s right, Twitter and Amazon said secret vows and got married y’all. What is this #AmazonCart (or #AmazonBasket for our UK friends) I speak of? Let me ask you this: Have you ever scrolled your Twitter feed and saw something you wanted to buy linked to Amazon, went to buy it but HAD to go through the whole process to sign-in to Amazon and add said item to your cart for purchasing? Takes away from the instantaneous “let me get this now” rush, doesn’t it?

As of this week, we can tie our Amazon accounts with our Twitter accounts to make life easier. See something you like in a status update? Simply reply to the Tweet with #AmazonCart and your wish is added to your cart on Amazon, and you can take care of purchasing it later.

Yep. That is easy.

Now, this seems to be good news for my fellow authors, as we can now point folks to this easy-as-pie route for grabbing our books when promoting them on Twitter. You can see in this first picture the test Tweet using my book (shameless plug for THE ABBY GEORGE SERIES) as a guinea pig:

photo copy 2

In this next pic, I replied to myself to see what happens…

photo copy

What I found: If you elect to get an eBook, Amazon will send you a SAMPLE of the book to read because “digital products are not eligible at this time.” However, I did get an email and a Tweet letting me know this was sample was sent to my iPhone Kindle to read…


My thoughts: Well done, Amazon, and thank you for making it just that simpler to grab what I need when I see it. Life happens at a swift pace and I’m grateful when I feel like I can keep up.

Overall: Well, the jury is still out…but this ain’t no drone!

PS: Wanna know more? Watch the official AmazonCart Promo Video here or check out this Next Web article I found.