About Anne

The Ultimate Late Bloomer finally figured out what she wanted to be when she grew up, once she hit her (ahem) early-40s….

Anne Kemp is an Amazon Best-Selling Novelist of the The Abby George Series. You can find the first three installments of the contemporary romance collection *ALL FRUITS RIPE, RUM PUNCH REGRETS, GOTTA GO TO COME BACK* on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.

Cause she loves writing, makes sense Anne loves to read, too! Stop back by for bi-monthly author interviews, guest posts or giveaways. Looking for a new favorite author? Check in and see who our guests are.

Known to some as “She Who Helps Us Understand Social Media,” Anne has helped lots of folks – from beginner to advanced – as they get started on their own social media journey. Whether through a consulting session or working with clients on a strategy, she can help you get “social” with your social media!

Need a new gluten free recipe? Anne posts recipes she tries here, aiming to keep it easy while eating clean. Her Kiwi BF has to eat low-to-no sodium, so some days getting dinner ideas coordinated isn’t that easy. Check out what she shares and feel free to request she try recipes, too! Life’s nothing without a few challenges…

Soaking in life’s daily lessons, Anne is proud that she is in a proverbial state of progress.

To her that’s life’s sweetest reward.



7 thoughts on “About Anne

  1. Hah great write up. I am a huge fan of Los Angeles. I live in Raleigh and hate it. Celebrity personal assisting is not what I am after either (imagine assisting someone who later became your co-star) but who knows what a person will do while they follow their dreams. Certainly beats waiting tables! I love your humour, it’s spot on!

  2. I told my friend in Frederick about your writing and she went to your website. This is the jewelry artist, Carol W. Meyers, She goes to shows and workshops all over the place and works in many mediums.

  3. Will readers find out what happens to Abbey when she leaves LA and returns to the island to run the Inn? Will there be another book?

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