Do You Wanna Win A Bracelet?

I have been chomping at the bit to post this news for months! We’ve hammered out details and discussed designs and now…I get to tell you all something fun:

I have had the honor of collaborating on a jewelry line inspired by the ABBY GEORGE SERIES with Sevan Avakian of VII A.D.!

One lucky reader will be the recipient of a bracelet like the one shown below – this same bracelet is featured in my full-length novel that is releasing TODAY, Friday May 25th: RUM PUNCH REGRETS!

The bracelet is a beautiful, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind piece with two charms: one being a double palm tree sharing a root base set with a Tsavortie gemstone. The other is a heart charm that has been set with a Ruby. GORGEOUS!!

The best part?


Like with the Kindle giveaway, we will be doing a fun contest, so you need to make sure you buy a copy of  RUM PUNCH REGRETS and read, read, read! I will be posting questions after the Memorial Day Holiday that will kick off this contest officially!

From Monday May 28th until Wednesday July 4th you will have a chance to ENTER TO WIN!!

Check back here this weekend for details and please take the time to check out the VII A.D. website and their jewelry. I’ll be posting more pictures of our other charms over the holiday weekend for you to see. For more information, feel free to drop me a line or send a note to VII A.D

VII A.D. has made it their mission to bring high-quality pieces into the market for the cool, cutting-edge individual who flaunts their independence. I love that it is a family-owned and operated business, as Barb Avakian is co-founder with her husband Sevan – a brilliant pairing, if I do say!

Make sure you check back here on Memorial Day Monday as we begin the BEST CONTEST EVER!!