Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? And an easy one? Here’s all you have to do…

Review one of my books  and leave your thoughts on Amazon. 

That’s all…Seriously. I’m going to make it even easier and post the links to the books on Amazon for ya, too! Now, want to know what you’re entering to win? One of my charms to add to your charm collection! 




Grab a copy of the first installment, a mini-novella introducing you to Abby George: All Fruits Ripe. Or pick up a print copy (or an eBook) of the second installment, the novel Rum Punch Regrets, which takes us along with Abby on the beginning of her Caribbean adventure. There’s also  the third installment (a novella) Gotta Go To Come Back, which has us hanging out with Abby as she contemplates her life on – and off – the island. Ta-Da!!

Then head over to Amazon and leave your review. I’m drawing a winner next Monday July 29th. Oh…yes, there is another book coming, so we’ll be announcing that release date shortly (for the enquiring minds who wanted to know!)

Go ahead, do it…and Good luck!!


Another Giveaway! Wanna win a charm?

It’s time for my big, fabulous contest announcement – are you guys ready for it?


Starting tomorrow, August 3rd, I will be running another EASY contest. This time the winner will get the choice of one of my charms…in gold or silver!!

They are so cute and can be added to an existing charm bracelet, or used as a necklace or on a leather wrap bracelet (my FAVORITE way to wear them!!) These are the charms inspired by ABBY GEORGE and RUM PUNCH REGRETS. Don’t you want one of your own?
To enter, you just need to review one of my books – which I’m sure ALL OF YOU have read by now…right? 😉 – on Amazon. Any names popping up for reviews from August 3, 2012  through September 4, 2012 will automatically be entered to win! (I tell ya where to buy my books below!)

And don’t forget, I give a portion of my proceeds from the ABBY GEORGE SERIES to Lupus LA – help me help them, please?

Good luck and happy reading!!

NEED TO BUY A BOOK? You can get them here:

AMAZON – eBook

AMAZON – print version


iTunes – NOW AVAILABLE!!!!